Annual Service Contract

A Seasonal Tune-Up of Your Heating System and Central Air Conditioning will:

Heating and AC Maintenance Plans for Every Budget

At Seattle Furnace you can choose from two types of maintenance plans.  We offer annual maintenance agreements, as well as, seasonal heating and cooling tune-ups.

Annual Service Contract

As a member, you will be guaranteed priority service. This includes:

Available for $10 per month ($120 annually) - furnace only; $15 per month ($180 annually) - furnace and A/C

Seattle Furnace also offers one-time seasonal tune ups

One Time Heater Tune-up,


        Test gas valve to reduce delayed ignition
        Clean and check burners for more efficient operation
        Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and holes
        Check all electrical connections
        Check air filter
        Check blower motor amps and function
        Check high limit switch
        Check fan control
        Check manifold gas pressure
        Check for natural gas leaks
        Inspect ignition system

One Time Air Conditioner Tune-up,


        Check & Clean the condenser coil to increase efficiency
        Check & Clean the evaporator coil to increase efficiency (if accessible)
        Check voltage & amperage on motors
        Check all safety controls
        Check that the condenser is level
        Check all electrical connections
        Check temperature drop
        Check fans on outside condensing unit
        Inspect the air filter